5 Best Places to Train a Young Driver

The Driveway

It might sound funny, but the first terrain that the young driver will learn to maneuver through will be the driveway on which the car rests. Here is where the driver will familiarize him or herself with the basic functions of the vehicle, and will get a sense of the main components’ placements. Before putting the vehicle into motion, the driver should ensure that their seatbelt is adequately tied, that the seat is placed well, and the mirrors are adjusted accordingly. The driver should know how to turn the left and right flashers on, and should practice maneuvering the pedal foot from the gas to the break. Once this has sunk in, it’s time to get the car rolling.

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The Driver’s Own Street

The first few wheel rotations should be taken on the driver’s own street, provided it’s a low-traffic residential street. This provides the driver with a sense of familiarity which will help them relax in the high pressure situation. While driving on their own street, the young driver can essentially travel at their own pace as they get a feel for the vehicle’s controls. However, drivers in training should note not to accidentally bump into a neighbor’s car!

Empty Parking Lots

auto repair longmont coEmpty parking lots are where young drivers can really get a sense of how a vehicle operates. Here they can apply a bit more pressure to the gas pedal and see what it feels like to take a turn with the car. Of course, it’s important to keep light posts or any other surrounding objects in mind and in view, and it’s advised that parents take their young drivers to the parking lot at night, or at a time when there are barely any cars on the lot. After a few rounds in the parking lot, it’s time for the driver to take on the streets.

Small Neighborhood Streets

longmont air conditioning serviceAt this stage, it’s advised that the driver once again practice in the neighborhood they’re most familiar with. However, now it’s time to actually take the car around the area, taking stop signs and turns and going the designated speed limit. This is where the driver can practice braking and acceleration as well as checking their mirrors and using their flashers. Once the driver is totally comfortable with driving in the neighborhood, it’s time for the real challenge.

The Highway

The highway is next, and young drivers need to be ready for it. Obviously, highway travel comes with great velocities. The last thing young drivers want is a serious accident, a trip to the hospital, and a long session at the auto repair longmont shop.

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However, once the young driver has sufficient command over the vehicle, the highway is the next logical step in their preparation. As long as the parent is attentive and the young driver is confident, they’ll pass this stage and be ready for their upcoming exam.

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