Common Transmission Issues (Part 1)

Finding out what kind of issue a car is experiencing is a difficult task for the average driver. A car’s internal structure is similar in a way to the human body. For instance, auto repair Longmont pain experienced in the chest area can potentially point to a variety of health issues. However, if the chest pain is absorbed along with difficulty breathing, then the issue is likely caused by asthma or a similar condition. Automotive issues are diagnosed in the same way. Problems that tend to befall mechanical system commonly exhibit signs that indicate the malfunction of certain key properties. As soon as signs that a vehicle’s performance is dipping are observed, it’s important to assess the issue auto repair Longmont CO immediately and find a way to solve the problem. The transmission of a vehicle is a complicated system that monitors the application of power to the driveshaft from the engine. It experiences a relatively high amount of wear and tear compared to other parts of the vehicle. This is due to the friction and heat that is produced by the moving and interacting components. The following are some common issues that can befall a car’s transmission and might necessitate auto repair Longmont.

Weak Response (Or Lack of Response Entirely)

Drivers might take note of a car’s reluctance to enter into gear. If this is the case, then something is likely wrong with the car’s transmission. As the car shifts from park to oil change Longmont CO drive, it should immediately enter its designated gear. When it comes to automatic transmissions, drivers may notice that, when bringing the car into drive or park mode, there is some delay before the gear engage is felt. This is usually a concern related to the car’s transmission. Conversely, manual transmissions might exhibit the same lack of response. The RPMs will surge after shifting into gear, but the car might not move as quickly as the engine’s sound would normally indicate. This is normally caused by a faulty clutch that will need to be replaced, though it can also point to a more serious issue.

Humming, Clunking, and Whining

Transmission issues in a vehicle aren’t normally designated by any type of sound. However, if drivers hear a sound that they never heard before, this is likely cause for auto repair Longmont some concern. The sounds in this case will vary depending on the car’s make and model, but they normally come in the form of humming, clunking, and whining. Manual transmissions might exhibit a more mechanical sound that is loud and abrupt. Specifically, a car with a manual transmission might produce a clunking sound when shifting gears. This almost always points back to an issue with the car’s transmission and is a sign that the vehicle should be taken in for a checkup and potential auto repair Longmont CO.

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