Transmission Repair FAQ

What is Involved?

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Modern electronically controlled transmissions are complicated pieces of engineering that require expensive diagnostic equipment in order to treat. Qualified transmission technicians use specialized equipment in order to diagnose and repair transmission issues properly. An average transmission contains hundreds of parts. During repair, the transmission as a whole must be removed from the car, taken apart completely, and all the parts must be inspected and cleaned. The technician will then replace or repair all damaged parts, rebuild the unit entirely, then reinstall the whole transmission into the car. Understandably, this is an incredibly demanding task, and it must be undertaken with absolutely no room for error if the car is to be running smoothly and properly.

How Long the Work Will Take?

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Small repairs can potentially be completed the same day that the car was brought in or the next day depending on the mechanic’s availability. However, major repairs or rebuilds can take several days.

Should the Vehicle Should be Repaired or Replaced?

This is one matter that several drivers have had problems solving. The driver must first assess their attachment to the vehicle and whether it meets the driver’s needs. If yes, the condition of the vehicle must be evaluated. The driver must determine whether the car can auto repair Longmont last approximately three years without needing another significant repair. Of course, the driver’s trusted auto repair Longmont expert can help them determine that. The driver should consider the cost of the repair compared to the amount of new car payments that he or she will have to make, and assess whether buying a new vehicle is more worthy than replacing expensive parts of the old one. Once there is a true figure of comparison, the driver will be able to make a financially sound decision. Normally, even a major repair will cost significantly less than the sales tax of a new purchase alone.

Will the Repair Will Last Long?

It’s important for drivers to have their car’s automatic transmission serviced regularly in order to significantly increase the vehicle’s life. This is because the automatic auto repair Longmont transmission fluid (ATF) in a car lubricates the components and helps to drive the car’s transmission. Any damage to the fluid, such as shear and oxidation, will significantly lessen its holding power. This causes the transmission to overheat and slip, which can quickly lead to its failure. If a transmission service is performed at least once a year, the driver can expect their transmission to last for years on end. Conversely, if the driver neglects the obligation to bring the car in for a regular tune up, they might experience a total breakdown in their transmission over time, which will necessitate a painfully expensive and inconvenient repair.

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