3 More Things Drivers Do Every Day That Ruin Their Vehicles

Reviving Up Before Warming the Engine

While a consensus on this has not yet been wholly reached by the automotive industry, the point still bears stating here. Modern engines tend to get warm and distribute oil around their parts with more speed than older models, though it’s still important for drivers to be cautious with this for their first few miles. The car and the engine are designed to work at set operating temperatures.

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By revving or driving hard before the car has had time to warm up, the vehicle might experience drastic changes in temperature between its components. Thus, parts might be damaged, and the car can potentially have several thousands of miles removed from its lifetime.

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In the worst cases, the vehicle won’t be able to be repaired without having an entire engine overhaul, which may very well cost more than the vehicle is worth. In order to avoid a mess like that, auto repair Longmont advise drivers to give their vehicles a few seconds to heat up, and refrain from driving at ten-tenths for the first couple of miles in order to bypass all issues.

Resting the Hand on the Gear Shifter

Drivers who drive manual cars tend to naturally leave one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear knob. This especially applies when manual drivers flip through their gears on a twisted rural road. However, mechanics have observed that this habit can potentially be damaging to the vehicle.

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Indeed, the weight of the hand might push the shifter into a position where the synchronizer and transmission bushings wear slightly against each other. Gearbox fixes come at a significant cost, so drivers will want to do what they can to avoid the repair. Also, it’s a basic safety practice to have both hands firmly grasping the steering wheel at all times. While it might not look like a slick way to drive, it might help to remember that two-hands is how the race car drivers do it.

Shifting to Reverse From Forward While the Car Is in Motion

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Every driver has done this once in a while when backing out of a parking space. It certainly doesn’t seem so bad, but what drivers don’t know is that the shock direction can change and cause serious damage to the car’s gearbox. Despite all mechanical components being built and assembled with sufficient clearance between dynamic parts, abrupt changes in direction while the components are still moving in opposite ways can potentially cause them to grind into each other. In order to avoid damage (and a costly eventual repair), drivers are advised to allow the car to come to a full stop before changing from forward to reverse or vice versa.

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