Auto Repair Tools All Mechanics Need (Part 3)

Specialized Floor Jacks

Every auto repair shop Longmont CO, needs at least two floor jacks, though some are savvy enough to combine those two units into one. These days, floor jacks can be fitted with cross-beam lifting accessories, essentially allowing them to lift in two places at once. The arms can be extended and the lift pads can be rotated to meet a cross member.

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Then, all the mechanic has to do is pump the handle (with a decent amount of elbow grease), and the vehicle will effectively be suspended in the air, ready to be worked on. Surely, there’s no better way to lift a vehicle in the world of auto repair Longmont.

Spark Plug Boot Pliers

Many mechanics have at one point or another grabbed hold of plug wires using pliers, and effectively damaged the boot. This is why all mechanics are advised to stock spark plug boot pliers. With their padded jaws, these pliers allow mechanics to get a solid grip on the boot without shredding it. Simply slide it near the wire onto the top portion of the boot and clamp down, applying pressure to the metal within the boot. Twist and pull, and don’t worry about any torn wires or boots.

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Precision Hook and Pick Set

While many tools in a mechanic’s arsenal are made for rough surface work, there are some smaller toolsets built for miniute, specific work. The precision hook and pick set is one of them. Mechanics can potentially get the job done without a precision set like this, but it certainly helps when work in tiny areas needs to be done.

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For instance, late-model vehicles tend to contain electrical connectors that are locked together in place with plastic pins and slides. Most mechanics stock needle-nose pliers to go after them, but these pliers can potentially wreck the locking function of the connectors. Using a specialized hook set, mechanics can maneuver them out with ease.

Specialized Pliers

It would seem as though all mechanics have their own unique need for a special set of pliers. Indeed, no matter how precise a set of pliers is made, the mechanic’s hand will invariably get in the way of the work they’re doing at one point or another. There’s nothing more stressful to a mechanic than having to dig precisely into certain spots trying to grab items while having their own hand obstruct their work.

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Thankfully, engineers all too familiar with this issue have designed a myriad of specialized pliers suitable for specific tasks and hand types. Mechanics need only try out what works especially for them, and say goodbye to that troublesome view of the back of the hand while doing acute engine work.

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