7 Key Day Trips to Take in Longmont

oil change longmont coAfter leaving the mechanic’s shop with a new-and-improved ride, a driver with a decent amount of free time on their hands would do well to take advantage of the variety of day trips Colorado has to offer. Here’s a few of them.

Colorado Railroad Museum

Colorado has a rich railroad history, and a lot of it is displayed at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. This museum features over 100 locomotives, passenger cars, and cabooses spread out over it 12-acre yard. Visitors should keep in mind that, on the third Saturday of every month, they have the option of writing behind one of the institution’s locomotives while sitting in passenger cars from a variety of eras along Colorado’s railroad history.

Center at Lohr-McIntosh Farm

longmont air conditioning serviceThis is a perfect portrayal of what Boulder County looked like between 1900 and 1925. Back then, there was a significant growth in farming and a marked lack of smartphones. Visitors can check out the outhouses, milk house, and barns that surround the center.

Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum

This is one museum that’s certainly worth the drive. Ten acres out of the original 160-acre Bee family farm has been designated as a museum. Child visitors can enjoy the thrill of milking a wooden cow, washing clothes on a washboard the old-fashioned way, or pulling a horse-drawn plow.

Chautauqua Park

auto repair longmontBoulder County locals will likely be quite familiar with Chatauqua Park, though it certainly merits a mention here. Anyone looking for some light fun under the sun owes themselves a trip to this majestic park. Chautauqua park is perfect for people meeting up on a first date or for entire families walking leashed dogs.

The Carousel of Happiness

After emerging from the auto repair longmont shop with a revamped set of wheels, it might do a driver good to grab a good companion and visit the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland. Drivers can relive the thrills of their childhood on the restored 1910 carousel which features an ensemble cast of animals, including a moose, cow, alpaca, and dragon.

Lafayette Miners Museum

auto repair longmontSome fascinating mining history lies in this Lafayette museum. The home was bought by coal miner William Lewis in 1913, who designated the building as a meeting place where miners would congregate during a strike that would end up lasting till 1915.

Benson Sculpture Garden

The Benson Sculpture Garden is a 10-acre park featuring a permanent display of over 130 unique sculptures. These include animals, people, and even abstract art. The area features designated pic-nic zones that make it easier for visitors to make a day out of visiting the garden. Additionally, the Loveland High Plains Arts Council produces an annual Sculpture in the Park event that is held on August 11 and 12.

6 Ways to Pass the Time at an Auto Repair Shop

Reading a Magazine

auto repair longmontMost auto repair Longmont put out a decent spread of magazines for customers to read while they wait. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the coffee table will stock a magazine specific to the customer’s interests, but the pile is worth going through anyway. Besides, there’s no real hurry here.

… Or a Book

auto repair longmont co

Conversely, customers can bring a book with them while they wait for their auto repair Longmont CO. It’s convenient that such a worthy distraction be contained in such a small, portable package. In situations where spare time must be streamlined in order to avoid boredom, nothing does the job quite like a good book.

Playing a Video Game

longmont air conditioning serviceOf course, books tend to require a certain degree of concentration in order to be enjoyed fully. Instead, customers might find it more engaging to play a video game as their car is being worked on. Virtually everyone has access to a smartphone and the countless game apps that come with them. However, truly dedicated gamers will bring a portable gaming console with them to the auto repair shop to make some serious progress in their virtual world.


Whether someone has an artistic predisposition or not, doodling mindlessly in the waiting room is a great way to help time accelerate. What the customer draws is entirely their choice; valid options are the store clerk; an image of the mechanic working on the customer’s car; the vending machine; or literally anything else. If the customer feels inclined to draw what a car would look like if it were merged with a dragon, they should go right ahead and draw it.

Making a Plan for the Week

transmission repair longmontTime spent in the waiting room can potentially be time put to great use. Whether the customer is someone who plans his or her days out to a T, or if they’re amateur planners looking to dabble in the field, an auto mechanic shop is a great place to draw up a productive list. Customers are encouraged to meditate upon the variety of useful things they can do in the upcoming week, and write it out in a calendar. Of course, customers should keep in mind that the most important part of writing a to-do list is following up on it.

Talking to People

Every individual is a wealth of unique thoughts and experiences. When looking to kill time in the waiting room on a slow day, it might be interesting for customers to spark a conversation with the shop workers and learn some things about them. Who knows – a customer might end up leaving the shop with sparkling new car parts and a great new friend.

Automotive Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

transmission repair longmontLike professional mechanics, car owners should also buy high quality automotive tools for basic car maintenance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive tool collection. Here are the automotive tools every car owner should have.

Hand Wrenches

For simple maintenance tasks, a set of hand wrenches is important. A set of hand wrenches with sizes ranging from 10mm to 19mm can handle almost all of the bolts and nuts one is likely to come across. According to auto repair longmont, car owners should have a wrench set that offers open and closed end wrenches.

transmission repair longmontAutomotive Socket Wrench Set

A drive socket set (3/8-inch or 1/2-inch) and ratchet wrench will be a helpful add-on for one’s tool set. Auto repair in Longmont even uses ratchet wrenches because they are much faster in getting rid of most fasteners. A wrench set with 6-point socket instead of the 12 points is preferred.

Screwdriver Set

Car owners should have at least two sizes of the regular, flat tipped and Phillips or cross-tip screwdrivers for a variety of tasks. Buying screwdrivers in a set would be cheaper. Screwdriver sets often include assorted short and long handles for more versatility. Choose wooden or plastic handles that offer a better grip.

transmission repair longmontPliers

Pliers and needle-nosed pliers are essential for every car owner. Pliers should have tempered steel, plated for deterioration resistance. A good grip is vital. Some pliers are covered with plastic on their handles that protect the pliers. Pick the pliers from a quality brand that include a warranty. Avoid cheap pliers as they easily break.

Oil Filter Wrenches

Oil filter wrenches are very useful in changing oil. It is recommended that wrenches are the right size to fit in the oil filter of the car. There are different filter wrenches for cars with different size of oil filters. The ones that perform best are the types with metal band, wrapped around the filter.

transmission repair longmontFeeler Gauge & Spark Plug Gauge

Spark plugs usually come pre-gapped by the car manufacturer. It’s best to check the emissions decal below the hood of the vehicle to see the spark plug gap recommendation. When replacing spark plugs, the feeler gauge and spark plug gauge can be used to inspect or adjust the gap on the spark plug.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Many people own this tool but rarely use it. It is often thrown in the tool box once used, and then easily forgotten. Kids often play with it because they love pulling the little plastic indicator stick. A pressure gauge is very useful in checking the car’s tire pressure. Checking the pressure of tire should be done every month.

Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

transmission repair longmontCars are much like the human body. The more care it gets, the longer its life is. Here are 10 basic car care tips to perform consistently in order to prolong the performance and life of a car. When all these tips become part of a car owner’s car maintenance checklist, their car will surely run smoothly for many years.

Brake Inspections and Maintenance
Maintaining car brakes is extremely important for safety. For cars with disc brakes, the rotors must be inspected for pitting and uneven wear. If these symptoms occur, the rotors will have to be turned. At the same time, brake pads will also have to be replaced.

transmission repair longmontCheck Tire Tread
It is highly important to make sure car tires are in good working condition. The level of inflation and the tread depth of every tire have to be checked. Signs of bulging, cracking, and uneven wear should also be checked. If it feels like the vehicle is pulling to one side, an alignment check or adjustment must be done.

Replace Power Steering Fluid
Most drivers neglect replacing their power steering fluid. Fluids are actually the lifeblood of cars, and they have to be replaced regularly or else, the fluids will accumulate debris that may clog engines and other vehicle components. Not replacing the power steering fluid of a car will lead to further damage and more expensive repairs. It’s advisable to check the vehicle’s manual to find out the recommended mileage in replacing the power steering fluid.

transmission repair longmontMore Fluid Replacement
Car fluids have additives that lose their efficiency over time. It is recommended that you regularly replace all car fluids, such as oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, etc., according to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

Plugs and Filters
Most car manufacturers recommend replacing items such as spark plugs. This is just a simple chore that’s very important in car maintenance. Fuel filter, air filter, and PCV valve must be checked regularly and replaced when needed.
Serpentine Belt Inspection
Serpentine belts must also be checked for signs of missing ribbing, cracking, or brittleness. These belts are made to work in hot engine compartments, but they still can’t last forever. They have to be replaced when necessary.

transmission repair longmontTiming Belt Replacement
The timing belt has to be checked regularly and replaced when needed. Engine damage due to broken timing belt can be awfully expensive to repair. Timing belts can suddenly break if they’re not proactively replaced.

Rust Inspection
Car owners should proactively check for rust especially in the areas where they may have never looked such as under the car. Service technicians who perform auto repair longmont can be asked to inspect the undercarriage of the car for rust or any damage. When rust is noticed soon enough, it can be fixed before getting further damage.

Rubber Hoses
Rubber hoses under the hood like the vacuum hoses, coolant and oil supply lines, as well as the fuel lines must be checked. Check with an auto repair facility in Longmont if there are leaks or cracks or if lines become brittle.

Lubricating Joints
Lubricating moving hinges or joints like seats and doors will help avoid loud and awkward squeak when opening and closing car doors.

How to Choose the Right Repair Shop

transmission repair longmontExperiencing auto repair issues can be quite expensive and time consuming. Picking the right auto repair shop and knowing the right questions to ask is key. When car problems strike, drivers should take some time to assess several auto repair shops in order to get the best solution. Here are some ways to help you find the right shop.

1. Shop around even before having vehicle problems.

If the car radiator smokes or the car just won’t run, drivers tend to find a quick fix to the problem. If one is in haste to get their car to a shop, their decision might be clouded. This may lead to hasty decisions based on wanting their car back in no time, instead of saving money and getting quality service from auto repair facilities in Longmont Co. It’s best to know where to go when emergencies happen.

transmission repair longmont2. Ask referrals from friends and family.

The best referrals often come from friends and family who have had experience with auto mechanics who do auto repair longmont co. Getting a word-of-mouth recommendation from friends or family members can mean getting an honest insight about their personal experience with repair shops. This can help a lot in saving money or avoiding bad service.

3. Check out the shop’s online reviews.

Family and friends could give good advice about repair shops they have used. However, they might not have tried other available options or they might not have had major automobile issues. It’s still best to check online reviews from unbiased customers

transmission repair longmont4. Don’t pick based solely on price.

While price may affect the car owner’s choice in picking an auto repair shop, it’s still not advisable to opt for the cheapest choice. Cheap rates may not always have the worst services. On the other hand, expensive auto repair shops might not offer high quality of service.

5. Get estimated expenses.

When trucks, cars, or SUVs need major repairs, it’s always wise to get estimates from auto repair longmont.

transmission repair longmontThis is important for vehicle owners who don’t have regular repair facilities. Written estimates will ensure that the auto repair shop is not going to do unneeded services that may incur additional expenses. In addition, written estimates can help check if the shop has misdiagnosed the issues.

For many drivers who are dealing with responsibilities like work and family, having a working car is an absolute necessity. And finding the right auto repair shop when vehicle problems occur is important to avoid further expenses and delays.

Is It Possible To Keep The Car Interior Cool In The Summer?

It’s not always possible to find a parking place that will stay away from the hot rays of sun and the situation is far from being comfortable. It is possible to keep the car interior cool in the summer and to ensure that the driver and passengers aren’t forced to deal with excessive heat.

auto repair longmont

There are accessories that drivers can use to prevent the car interior from overheating. The following will prove to be useful:

  • Seat covers

Leather has that unique luxurious look, but it can get problematic in the summer sun. There are various seat covers available on the market that are more resistant to heat. They can be installed immediately and they can be used for any car model, even for classic ones. Seat covers can be used to transform the interior and to give a new look to dull fabric or old cars. The owners can even play around with the interior of classic cars and refresh their appearance for a while.

auto repair longmont

  • Tinted windows

These can block the UV rays and reflect up to 80% of the heat. Apart from preserving a reasonable temperature in the summer, they also allow the occupants to have more privacy. You can replace the old ones at a specialized auto repair Longmont and enjoy a better experience all year long.

  • Sunshades

These are particularly inexpensive so any vehicle owner can afford them. They will block sunlight so it won’t reach the interior. Most of them cover only the windshield. However, there are some larger ones that can cover all the car windows. Sunshades are highly effective to prevent the car interior fabric from losing color and the dashboard from getting cracks. When the dashboard gets damaged, it will have to receive special assistance from an auto repair shop in Longmont. Individuals interested in the aesthetic value can go for customized ones. There are niche products with different brandings. The costs are higher for these sunshades but sports fans will be delighted to discover the colorful options that will show their team loyalty.

auto repair longmont

  • Steering wheel covers

The steering wheel shouldn’t be painful to touch. But, the default material usually overheats and that can cause blisters or small burns to the driver’s hands. There are covers that have been specially designed to keep the hands cooler in the hot season and to avoid any discomfort in winter too. The materials vary from microfiber to plush or faux wool. These covers can be used to customize the vehicle irrespective of the season.

auto repair longmont

There are many alternatives to improve the comfort of your vehicle during the hot summer months. The costs are low so it is definitely worth investing in a few accessories.

The Unexpected Dangers of Driving Dehydrated

Everyone is aware of the perils of driving while intoxicated, but few drivers ever take into account the fact that driving while dehydrated can have unexpected dangers as well. Dehydration can be more serious than it seems to be, as its symptoms can significantly affect the driver’s abilities to control the car. Most drivers fail to recognize their dehydration symptoms or they mistake them for something else.

auto repair longmont

Not all cars that are taken to an auto repair Longmont have gotten damaged due to external factors or other drivers’ negligence. It is not out of the question for dehydration to have played a part.

The most frequently encountered dehydration symptoms include headache, dry mouth, loss of concentration and focus, as well as dizziness or feeling light-headed. Slower reaction times aren’t uncommon either.

auto repair longmont

Driving involves increased attention and mental alertness, so just one of these issues can trigger driving errors that can lead to accidents. Even mild dehydration can impair one’s driving skills and have a negative impact on the driver’s capacity to safely drive the vehicle.

A busy schedule might be challenging, not only for the driver’s body and mind, but also detrimental for one’s essential needs. Some drivers simply forget to hydrate themselves.

auto repair longmont

Moreover, there are way too many people who drink water only when they feel very thirsty, meaning that they get to be seriously dehydrated before doing something about it. Apart from being a basic need, hydration has to be part of a driver’s routine for safety purposes.

As with anything, it is best to anticipate than to treat. Therefore drivers should ensure that they are drinking enough liquids in order to avoid all the signs of dehydration while they are on the road.

Health experts recommend eight glasses of fluids per day, which should total around half a gallon or 2 liters. The liquids should be consumed on a regular basis to keep the metabolism running properly and your attention as sharp as possible.

auto repair longmont

Hydrating properly before driving is a must. It is not a wise idea to stay thirsty just to avoid bathroom breaks. It’s not even necessary for drivers to stick to plain water. Tea, fruit or vegetable juice and milk are great options too.

Coffee shouldn’t be regarded as the main source of hydration as large quantities can have a negative impact on the driver’s body. It is not uncommon to have the opposite effect and to induce trembling or nausea. However, a bit of coffee can actively help to improve focus.

Driving involves many responsibilities. Drivers have to make sure that they are well-prepared for the ride, irrespective of its length. So they should never underestimate the apparently small details that can affect their well-being such as drinking enough liquids throughout the day.